Great find~

i found previously such a lovely pincushions~

here the pictures:



she is made by karin of Nadelwerk

check her shop out coz all her stuff are simple wonderful:) i though it would be fun to have it on my desk near my sewing machine~

works of art

i got these wonderful drawing from Amanda’s kids, now i wonder, who draw these two?!



this one was signed by boo:D


thank you!!! im going to frame it soon~

Twinkee 2: antinque pink


previously I posted the pink twinkee on my fb, and a lovely lady in France adopted her:)

this how she look like:


within the next day, i send her on her way and Sylvie loves her.. i also like to share with you how i package it.. using recycled tissue from my soap purchase and fabrics, plus food container from rice bun. the plastic was the right size, and after cleaning it and drying it, i believe it looks great~


Please dont hesitate to contact me if you love the other two:)

gosh, im having a blast updating a blog/site using my iphone.. super convenient!! wow~ wordpress rock!

Purple panda

This past few months been very difficult for me. There were lots of changes, decisions and adjustments.. but slowly im getting there.. yes, slowwww progress coz i didnt get much work done lah~ hahah

i surprise a special friend i met 1 year ago who been with me through the good and bad times, she so wanted a bear and though ill go ahead and get it as “thank you” and mothers day gift:)

but seems she got her own surprise too, thursday night i got it. i notice the red scarf, and set the container aside. i mean, what am i going do with scarf during summer! Yesterday morning while waiting for ayi to get ready, i open it~ oh!!! the surprise that lay inside!!!


That is my first panda~ i love purple but never purchase one. i dont know, maybe its just coincidence? 😉

thank you amanda~ u made my day:)

June purse at work

my desk is full of cut fabrics for my coming purses:) just finish ironing the lining and need to decide next how each one will look..

i love working with different fabrics and like to make one of the kind purses which at times does make the process longer to complete. i dont have family to distract me, but being single, there other things that does distract you! 🙂

why one of a kind? remember the fear during high school prom when we dread if someone will be wearing the same prom dress as us?! oh!!! how i sooo dislike that.. isnt that the reason we buy “dress” for our phones?:)

its still unique because its made by hand. the layout or placement of fabric on the paper makes it different too.. hope to finish at least 5 purses during this holiday break~ zia yo~



Spring is here~

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fabric: Limited Japanese Fabric – Blue butterfly with pink backing Frame: This frame is made here in Taiwan and have many coating on it Use: For something this pretty, I usually love keeping my jewelry like earrings inside:D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don’t you feel like Spring is here? I love this blue butterfly and how it … Continue reading